Students Voices

DigiUR workshop in Paris 18-22 October 2021

The research training as part of the digiUR project was a valuable experience and provided me with a number of new insights and opportunities… I still benefit from the arguments for research-based learning that were collected there. The extensive exchange and networking opportunities with scholars from different countries such as Lithuania, Austria and France were also very beneficial and gave me an insight into the respective disciplines and the different university structures.

L.P., Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

I was given an incredible opportunity to become a participant of digiUR – a project that introduced me to a new concept of “self-research”, gave an opportunity to conduct research as well as meet people from all over Europe. Moreover, we also got acquainted with digital tools, which could be used while working on a research paper… I truly enjoyed working on this research as it was something very new to me and I believe that we managed to succeed on our project taking into consideration the number of days we had to work on it! It was a great opportunity and challenge that I will never forget!

A.C., LCC International University Lithuania

DigiUR is definitely a project worth participating in! I believe that such projects with the engagement of students and faculty from different countries have a positive influence on the development of undergraduate research.

V.R., LCC International University Lithuania

DigiUR Vienna online workshop 14-18 February 2022

Thank you so much for the great workshops and amazing structure of the writing marathon. To share this experience was indeed motivating, maybe even life changing.

K.G., LCC International University Lithuania

Thank you so much for the workshops on literature and academic English. They really helped me think about how I handle information and reduce my anxiety about writing in English.

T.G., University of Oldenburg

It was indeed an insightful event. It was enlightening to see how many ways there are to manage and read the literature. This will help me to avoid “the fear of reading complex theories”.

M.B., Technical University of Berlin

DigiUR at ICUR (International Conference of Undergraduate Research) in Warwick 28-29 September 2022

It was already a priceless experience to be able to visit an abroad university on its own. But ICUR offered an abundance of fulfilling learning opportunities and experiences additionally to that. The encounters I had with students and staff from Warwick as well as students from other international universities made the conference more than worthwhile. The opportunity to present our research and receive recognition for our hard work was simultaneously an invaluable preparation for future conferences as well as a fun experience.

E.D., University of Vienna

Participating in the Student Research Conference has positively impacted me on several levels and has filled me with much gratitude. On a personal level, the research conference helped me grow as a person. I faced my fear and presented my scientific work in a different country and in a language other than my native language. I also met inspiring people who were full of curiosity about me and my research. All the presentations I was able to listen to fascinated me and sparked my interest. The field of research is so incredibly large and that is precisely why it is possible to find one’s very own area of interest and excellence and, in the best case, to inspire others and enrich them with interesting knowledge.

N.S., Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

What has ICUR brought to you (personally, for your studies, professionally…)?
– Application and improvement of language skills
– Discussions with students from other countries, discovering other perspectives and realities
– Getting to know an international university and recognizing differences with your own university
For my studies:
– Appreciation for the research project worked on, results are not simply lost after receiving the CP
– In presentations, reduction of the whole research project to a generally understandable level, also taking into account the international understanding of the subject matter.

T.B., University of Oldenburg, Germany